uncle-samHave you ever felt like things aren’t going your way?

As if things are suppose to be a certain way, just because you feel like it should . .

Ask anyone in life who’s successful and they’ll tell you that obtaining success was never an easy process.

It’s a lot of sacrifice, let-downs and a lot of rejections.

Unfortunately, most of the people who are trying to become something immediately give up when things get get too hard.

It’s blasphemous to think that coming up with an idea would instantly  award you with a million dollars in your account. . . But there’s a lot more than that.


Happiness and Peace were once qualities preached into every human being.


Gorgeous sunset overlooking the Madagascar islands

Now .. It’s all about who has the fattest wallet. It’s times like these where we have to sit back and understand that even the ones at the top have a lot of on their plate.

Being able to wake up everyday, already has me feeling like a million bucks.

Money Doesn’t Buy Everything . . .

But it does solve some problems.


A outstanding genius who changed the 21st Century.